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Furniture Refurbishing – The Handmade Business Idea

Some people are less inclined to work from 9 to 5, and they are looking for ways to increase their income by taking a second job or starting a business. As we have reached a development in technology that is beyond our understanding, people are looking to turn back to their roots, by choosing more and more hand made items.

bigstock-Business-Growth-And-Success-Ch-1279740For someone who is an artist or close to one, and for those who have some skills in using their hands, a good idea as a business is refurbishing furniture. It’s an easy process but it requires attention to details and patience to take care of a piece of furniture.

It’s a work that not only helps you bring back to life different items, but it also offers you the satisfaction of a work that pleases the eyes and satisfies the customers.

Here is how you can refurbish a chair, and you can easily do at least a few pieces before starting your own business.

The materials

business-strategyFor starting this business, you will need sandpaper, soft cloths, nails or screws, hammer, electrical screwdriver, furniture fabric, foam, wood glue, stain and lacquer or paint in whatever color you want.

All these items are cheap, and some of them you already have in your house, stored somewhere for a later use. The investment for this business is not big, but if you plan to do it on a larger scale, you need to find the furniture for yourself or find the clients who have old furniture that they want refurbished. Also, you need to have a special space where all the work will be performed.

Dismantle Everything

Chair-afterYou have the chair now, and to be able to work on it, you will have to dismantle it. Unscrew the screws or take out the existing nails, depending on what was used. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself in this process. Take down the seat and the backrest, and if there is any pillow involved, take it out carefully. You can tear down the material, but make sure to not tear the seat-cushion, as you will need the measures.


Sand out

This is a messy part, as you need to use the sandpaper to remove all the existing lacquer and stain from the wood. If you have an electrical sander, this is even better, because it will reduce your working time to less than half. However, if there are any details, these will have to be sanded manually. While you are here, make sure that there are no wood chips. Make sure the surface is even. If there are any holes in the wood, fill them with wood putty and let it dry. Once the putty is dried, sand the surface again to make it smooth.

Staining, lacquering and paining

s237632137635600779_p75_i5_w603Once the wood is sanded, clean it with the soft cloth. Make sure it is all even, so you can start the staining process. Use a piece of cloth or a brush, depending on what you have available. Use the stain until you get the desired color. Let the wood dry after each layer of stain. Once you have the color that you want, you can start lacquering it. If you want something colored, use the paint that you have bought. Do the same, and apply each layer of paint carefully. Let it try before you apply a new one.

The Pillows

suit_fr3q_quattro_golden-orangeCut the foam in the desired shape and size, and also cut the material. Make sure that the material is big enough to cover the seat. See how the original cushion was made and work according to the old one. If you don’t know how to sew the cushion, ask someone who has experience with a sewing machine. After it is done, all you’ll have to do is put it in the right place.

Once you have finished with everything, all you’ll have to do is assemble the chair. Now you’ll have a new, nice looking chair refurbished and ready to use.

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