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How to Use a CPR Pocket Mask in Emergency Situation?


A CPR pocket mask is also known as a pocket face mask or a CPR mask. It is a medical device that is used for delivering rescue breaths in an emergency situation (such as during cardiac or pulmonary arrest). A CPR pocket mask is a simple device that can be carried easily in a first aid box. The air is administered by a responder through a one-way filter. Nowadays, masks with disposable filters are also available that are more efficient and safe. Some masks also have a tube that ensures oxygen administration to the person in need.

Here you will learn how to use a CPR pocket mask the right way:

1. Remove the mask from its packaging/casing. Mostly, the pocket masks come in a hard case.

  1. Push the pocket mask open by putting your fingers on the inside and extending it outside.
  2. The pocket masks goes on the top of the face of the patient. The pointed part of the mask must be at the chin of the patient.
  3. The breath are given through the one-way valve. The valve keeps the responder separated from the patient.
  4. If the mask has an oxygen inlet then keep in mind to also let this inlet open.

Care must be taken in properly positioning the mask on the patients face. The mask should be sealed so that no breathes are wasted. The one-way valve is not reusable, it must be taken off and replaced. The mask after sterilization can be used again.

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What is eye strain? Causes and remedies:


Eyestrain is a very common and irritating condition. Which include eyes feeling tired, itching or burning. But these eye strains also known as eye fatigues hardly critical condition.

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It can occur due to constant focusing on one point. You must have felt a weird feeling of stress on the back of your eye. It can also affect your eyesight and related areas.


Causes of eye strains include doing any activity which requires the intense or constant focusing of eyes.

These include extended periods of activities such as reading, writing or even driving.

But apart from these activities, more exposure to electronic devices such as computer screens, smartphones and also video games can be a cause of eye fatigues or eye strains.


Eye strains can be more easily prevented compared to being treated. Changing our activities can reduce the risk of having eye fatigues.

On the other hand, they can be treated by using proper “lightening” when using any electronic devices especially cell phones with comparatively smaller screens.

Also by minimizing our glares, we can avoid eye strains or can treat them. One should also take breaks when using a computer and give the eyes a rest instead of focusing continuously on the screen of equipment.

Usage of “artificial tears” can also help in treating eye fatigues. Keeping the eyes moist rather than dry even when the eyes are not suffering through eye fatigues can contribute to reducing the risk or having eye strains.

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Easy tips for bathroom decor


The decoration of the bathroom is equally significant as the well decorated interior of the attached bedroom. If you don’t have enough money or time, then don’t worry. Here are the few quick and easy tips that will give your bathroom an entire changed look.

Have a look at unique table lamps:

  • As most of the bathrooms have neutral colors. So for neutral colored bathroom, add pop ups of color by using fresh flowers in a simple and elegant vase on the vanity. It is an easy and inexpensive idea to mix up the color scheme and the accessories perfectly with the refreshing bouquet.
  • Even the little space on the window sill can be sued effectively. Put some of your bathroom necessities in beautiful glassware and place them on the window sill. It will be easy for you to use them whenever you need as well as give a decorative look to your bathroom.
  • Make best use of wall hanging shelving units. Use the mosaic tiles, textured paint or a piece of wall paper behind the storage hangings. It should be in contrast with the color scheme of the bathroom. It will give a modern look to your hanging shelves. Secondly instead of going for simple hooks on the walls for hanging towels, use your storage units for this purpose. It will give a unique and neat look to your bathroom and also serve your purpose. Your storage space could be your best decorative space.
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If you are a passionate climber, you would frequently crave for adventurous climbing. But what to do if you have a young kid in the house whom you have to supervise?

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Well. In that case, the best option is to make him your climbing partner!

If you climb along with your child, your experience will be much better and you kid will be experiencing a lot of new things.

But the task isn’t as easy as it seems to be!

Here are few things that can help ease things up a little bit:


The best approach is to educate your kids using visual aids! They are easier to understand and are much more interesting than listening to lectures or reading definite articles.

They will remember and implement everything that they see in a video. It will help them learn in a better way.


Before actually going out on the mountains and hikes, start by practicing at home.

But a holds set and make your climbing wall in the back yard.

Now and then, climb there with your kid.

He will learn even better than visual aids if you teach him practically by actually performing the task.


When you see your kid is doing exceptionally well, appreciate him.

Give him gifts as a reward (you can give him climbing gear, just a bit of suggestion here).

Appreciation will motivate him, and he will do even better in future.

You can also reward him with snacks and candies during climbing after crossing any destination or milestone.

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How to Make Money through an Online Business


More and more companies are utilizing cyberspace to profit from the immense exposure and audience associated with it. The internet can easily and quickly bring in cash flow. So, you should seriously consider starting an online business of your own. If you like the thought of being your own boss and working from the comfort of your own home, consider some of the following online business options.

Affiliate Programs

If you already have a blog, website, or online store that gets quite a bit of traffic, you can profit from affiliate programs. Some of the big time entrepreneurs like Haroon Qureshi are renowned for their use of affiliate marketing, and you can be too. These programs involve promoting the products and services of other companies through your blog or website. The sales you generate will earn you a commission.

Information Products

This is an extremely profitable venture if you have a skill or expert knowledge that is in demand. Thousands of people around the world want to learn about various subjects but do not have easy access or financial backing. Create information products in the form of videos, online courses, or eBooks for such people.

Product Reviews

Small and large businesses alike need real people to test and review products and services. You can charge a small fee and write reviews and testimonials for various companies without having to move a muscle. You can also be selective if you do not want to review a product that you personally dislike, so you need not worry about being dishonest or unethical.


Just as you can use your skills and expertise to create information products, you can use them to offer consultation services as well. Information is the most valuable asset in the world of today, and there will always be a demand for it. As long as you have information or training capabilities that people want, you can offer consultations online.

These are the top five ways to make money online. You do not need to stick to only one of these options either, since you can maximize your profits by working in two or three areas at the same time.

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Common Website Blunders You Need to Avoid


It is important for all organizations to remember that corporate platforms dominate a brand’s online presence. Regardless of your email marketing strategies and social media feeds, you will not be able to run the business without a proper website. Since a large part of your target market connects with your company through this platform, you need to make sure that it is designed to perfection. In this case, it is essential to avoid the following mistakes at all costs.
No Search Box
When planning the web design for the platform, you will understand that the requirements of the customers can be widely different. Each consumer will look for a product with specific features. Thus, you need to make sure that the platform includes a search box. Without this feature, it can be difficult for the consumer to find the required data in an archive of information.
Poor Readability
Remember that customers will be accessing your platform through various devices. While some might use personal computers, others will use their mobile phones. Therefore, you have to make sure that the website content will be visible and readable in all types of electronic devices. The best solution to this problem is to create a responsive design for the platform.
Unscrupulous Use of Images
Bombarding your platform with videos and images will not increase your conversion rates. For this, you require the help of a company that facilitates SEO Manchester. While images are eye-catching, sometimes they can be aggravating too. Moreover, an unhealthy amount of images can increasing the loading time of the platform as well.
Including Background Music
Online consumers do not like background music. Period. Most companies have a tendency to install a totally unrelated song or music to their corporate website. This not only slows down the platform’s navigation, but it also makes the site seem extremely unprofessional.
Avoiding such mistakes enables you to create a professional website that will definitely appeal to online consumers.

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What Are The Really Good Marketers Like?


It is very important when you are involved in the field of marketing to be able to provide your consumers with content that isn’t constantly about promoting your different products. Sure, gaining new customers is a very important part of running a good business. According to the experts like Adeel Chowdhry internet marketing is about a lot more than just this though. Another incredibly critical part of the game is to attract your current customers to your company even more. This can be done mainly by fostering a good relationship between them and yourself. You can do this in a number of ways, such as making sure that some of the content that your company puts out on the internet is merely meant to educate customers on a variety of topics. Providing them with this kind of non-promotional content is going to help build a great relationship with them.

Everyone Has Their Own Set Of Needs

If there is one thing that customers want above all else, as Adeel Chowdry says, it is to have their needs met. This doesn’t just mean their physical needs either. They need to have their emotional and spiritual needs met as well. You have to be able to meet all of these if you want your marketing strategy to be a good one. If you can include a call to action in your marketing strategy that people actually follow, it is going to be even better for you. The mark of a good marketing campaign is its ability to get the people seeing it on their feet and doing something that you tell them to do, no matter how subtly you are telling them to do it. A good marketer will always focus on the communication of the value of the information that the user is seeing. No matter what the objective of the campaign is, a good marketer is sneaky enough to get it done without nearly as much hassle as it usually would be.

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Being An Entrepreneur Can Be Amazing


Once you graduate from college, you probably think that your life is going to sort itself out. In reality, this isn’t going to happen so easily. You are going to need everything you have in your knowledge to land yourself a job. Even then, it might not be enough. After months of trying, you may be ready to give up. A question you need to ask yourself is why do you need to work for someone else so badly? You could be an entrepreneur, start your own business, and make your own success. A lot of people don’t realize they can do this. Even if they want to a lot of people simply don’t have the courage to sacrifice everything else and take the leap. However, being an entrepreneur can be absolutely amazing.

No More Being Told What To Do

For one, you don’t have to be under another person all the time. As an entrepreneur you make your own company, meaning that you are already going to be at the top. You won’t have to worry about slaving away in office all day in the hopes of getting a tiny pay raise. Hey, you could give yourself a raise whenever you want to. You can work as much or as little as you want to. Obviously, the harder you work, the more profits are going to roll in. For the most part, you dictate your success. There are many small niches emerging as well in the world of the entrepreneur. For example, being a Muslim entrepreneur in a country like the US can be very tough, but it is definitely more popular of an option now.

You make the money you need. If you are in the typical office job, you are only receiving a fraction of what you deserve in terms of your wages. All the big corporations care about is making themselves money, at the cost of their employees’ wellbeing as well. When you make your own business, there is nobody but you who is entitled to all that money. Yes, being an entrepreneur can be truly amazing.

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2 Secrets to Faster Swimming


You might think that your swimming skills acquire a faster pace through intensive workouts and increasing your general fitness. Well, this is not the only thing to do; swimming is a technical sport that needs more than mere fitness workouts.  Some people are naturally gifted, they know how to find their way around water; by spending little time and practice they quickly improve. Most people are not as gifted, they have to spend more effort. Technique is your main target. First, you need to decrease drag in water. Second, you need to improve propulsion in water.

The importance of swimming with the least amount of drag is often left behind; which is a great way to improve your efficiency in the water. Since water is much denser than air; the drag in water increases according to our swimming speed.

Reducing drag needs skill, which calls for improvement. This is why it should be your main concern. Make sure that you use the proper swim training equipment and swim training aids while swimming.

A good way to decrease drag is to improve your balance, try to stay as straight as possible in water. Be careful of losing balance when you lift your head for a breath. If you lose balance, your legs will drop; so you will have to kick harder and waste a lot of energy.

Once you learned to minimum your drag, it will be time to start improving your propulsion. One more time, this is done through improving your swim stroke style and NOT by building bigger muscles.

One of the best ways to improve your propulsion is to move to each side with every arm stroke. This allows you to use more muscles and enhances their performance. Before you apply propulsive force in the water with your arms, you have to have your forearm and hand aligned.

This is mainly how you can develop a faster swimming technique. All you need is time, practice, some effort and lots of fun.

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Furniture Refurbishing – The Handmade Business Idea


Some people are less inclined to work from 9 to 5, and they are looking for ways to increase their income by taking a second job or starting a business. As we have reached a development in technology that is beyond our understanding, people are looking to turn back to their roots, by choosing more and more hand made items.

bigstock-Business-Growth-And-Success-Ch-1279740For someone who is an artist or close to one, and for those who have some skills in using their hands, a good idea as a business is refurbishing furniture. It’s an easy process but it requires attention to details and patience to take care of a piece of furniture.

It’s a work that not only helps you bring back to life different items, but it also offers you the satisfaction of a work that pleases the eyes and satisfies the customers.

Here is how you can refurbish a chair, and you can easily do at least a few pieces before starting your own business.

The materials

business-strategyFor starting this business, you will need sandpaper, soft cloths, nails or screws, hammer, electrical screwdriver, furniture fabric, foam, wood glue, stain and lacquer or paint in whatever color you want.

All these items are cheap, and some of them you already have in your house, stored somewhere for a later use. The investment for this business is not big, but if you plan to do it on a larger scale, you need to find the furniture for yourself or find the clients who have old furniture that they want refurbished. Also, you need to have a special space where all the work will be performed.

Dismantle Everything

Chair-afterYou have the chair now, and to be able to work on it, you will have to dismantle it. Unscrew the screws or take out the existing nails, depending on what was used. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself in this process. Take down the seat and the backrest, and if there is any pillow involved, take it out carefully. You can tear down the material, but make sure to not tear the seat-cushion, as you will need the measures.


Sand out

This is a messy part, as you need to use the sandpaper to remove all the existing lacquer and stain from the wood. If you have an electrical sander, this is even better, because it will reduce your working time to less than half. However, if there are any details, these will have to be sanded manually. While you are here, make sure that there are no wood chips. Make sure the surface is even. If there are any holes in the wood, fill them with wood putty and let it dry. Once the putty is dried, sand the surface again to make it smooth.

Staining, lacquering and paining

s237632137635600779_p75_i5_w603Once the wood is sanded, clean it with the soft cloth. Make sure it is all even, so you can start the staining process. Use a piece of cloth or a brush, depending on what you have available. Use the stain until you get the desired color. Let the wood dry after each layer of stain. Once you have the color that you want, you can start lacquering it. If you want something colored, use the paint that you have bought. Do the same, and apply each layer of paint carefully. Let it try before you apply a new one.

The Pillows

suit_fr3q_quattro_golden-orangeCut the foam in the desired shape and size, and also cut the material. Make sure that the material is big enough to cover the seat. See how the original cushion was made and work according to the old one. If you don’t know how to sew the cushion, ask someone who has experience with a sewing machine. After it is done, all you’ll have to do is put it in the right place.

Once you have finished with everything, all you’ll have to do is assemble the chair. Now you’ll have a new, nice looking chair refurbished and ready to use.

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